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Divine Connection

This is the place to stay connected and continue to grow in Christ. Perhaps you aren't local and want to join in on our Bible Study lesson, please feel free to read the scriptures given, pray and meditate. Currently we are studying Discipleship.  The lesson will be uploaded shortly for your review.  If you have any questions please feel free to submit them and the instructor will get back to you very shortly.

Lesson Review

Our Bible Study is currently studying on Discipleship and we have chosen to use a study guide book "Basics of the Spiritual Life, (Discipleship 2, Copyright 2000 by The Discipleship Ministry).


To be able to view the book, please copy and paste this link:


Please go to Spiritual Discipleship, we are studying Live in the Spirit, Page 



Read and review "A Disciple's Identity"  and also read the scripture Roman 7:14-25. To understand this chapter we have to know that  yet when "we are born again in spirit, our bodies are still drawn to the sinful nature."  It is important to understand that the fleshly man never dies out but through the desire to love and serve God those fleshly things become less desirable to do.



Do the written assignment on page 7 titled "Interpretation".


Also reflect and ask yourself - When is the last time you connected with God?

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