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Ladies After Divine Insight

Today's  challenges for  women can sometimes be a battle, and the demands and stakes are high. Women often times are in need of encouragement and counsel for how to best handle these situations. We want to encourage you to press on, for the reward of changed lives is worth the cost and effort it takes!


Topics You Might Want to Discuss


  • Womanhood

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Mentoring

  • Book Discussions

  • Marriage/Life after Divorce

  • Relationships

  • Community Involvement


We here at Divine Bread of Life Ministry understand the need to fellowship with women who need a break from the everyday ritual. This club meets the third Saturday of every month and is for women ages 18 and up . Each month we will host a place for conversation & encouragement for women of all background and ethnicity. We will host events via virtually.  If interested in joining, more information will be given.

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